How To Choose The Right Store?

August 31, 2016

by — Posted in Kids Product

As we all know a mother’s pride is her little bundle of joy. So it not surprising then that you are the most excited person in the world when you are told that your best friend is having a baby and you are her god mother. You cannot believe that you have being entrusted with such a responsible task. Even though you are not having a baby your life has changed with this new turn of events. You have to now make decisions with regard to the little one when he or she arrives.

Beautiful designs
So you make up your mind that you will buy whatever is needed for your best friend’s confinement in advance. You remember a friend telling you of a place that purchase kids products close to your office. You decide to check outthe place and see what you can purchase prior to the new arrival. As you enter the shop the first thing that catches your eye is this beautifully designed baby cot. You notice the little animal carvings on the product. You also realise that if you purchase this product you get a rattle that comes as a complimentary gift. You are very impressed with this product and decide to purchase it immediately. 
Free gift
You walk further into the shop and come across creams, powders, oils, combs, a joolz pram in Melbourne, shoes, and clothes and pampers. You decide that it would be good to purchase a set of these products and make things easier for your friend prior to her confinement the following week. The lady at the store tells you that if you purchase kids products over a certain value you would be entitled to a free gift. Your purchase is way over the stipulated rate so you get your free gift which turns out to be a little battery operated toy. The sales staff gives you a brochure of the new arrivals that are yet to come and tell you that when they arrive you will be notified by email. You are also informed by the store staff that if you register with the store you can even purchase goods on monthly instalment schemes. 
Excellent customer service
You take your gifts to your best friend’s place and she cannot believe that you have gone through so much trouble prior to her confinement. So now that you have found the ideal place to shop for kids’ products you have nothing to worry about. You pass the word around about this store and the excellent customer service provided by the sales staff at all times.