Expandable Perambulators For Modern Parents

March 7, 2017

by — Posted in Baby Products

When you are planning a family, you need to be ready for surprises. For instance, you might have planned a second child, but the doc tells you that you are expecting a twin. That would bring in triplets to your family. When you need to be prepared for such surprises, an expandable perambulator might be what you need to accommodate the growing needs of your family.

Convertible designs

Nowadays there are pushchair for triplets products that are often designed to add on or subtract a seat as needed. While pushing a three seater perambulator might not be practical on any street or through a doorway, having the option to have all three children seated in the same pram might help a busy parent who is trying to look after all three of them. However, more often than not, managing a triple seater becomes difficult. Hence, several perambulator product manufacturers have smarter alternatives on offer. That comes in the form of adding on another layer or a seat on top which keeps the strolling height same and uses the sturdy upper rod structure as a base to hold another baby on top.

Diverse designs to choose from

While a triple seater side by side pram design is common, a new design in the market is that of a quad pushchair. With a double-decker model that does not expand beyond the original height of the perambulator, it allows parents to add on an accessory seat or two when their family expands. With prams being expensive investments, such expandable designs are being preferred by many. Click here for more info on quad pushchair.

Where to find prams?

If you are planning to invest in an expandable perambulator design, there are select brands that make such products. It would be wise to go through the different pram product designers and brands in the market and find the ones that offer expandable and innovative strollers. It would be wise to step inside their stores and try the different strollers that they have in store. Understanding the maneuverability of these products and the ease of handling them is important before you make up your mind. Also, the foldable options, stacking them in your car boot space are other considerations that need to be kept in mind. 

For expanding families investing in such a perambulator will yield rich returns. You need to ensure that the product comes with adequate warranty coverage. These terms are important when you are making a substantial expenditure on a stroller. Check reviews and recommendations of others as well before you invest in a stroller of a certain brand or company.