Keeping Adults Entertained In A Kid’s Party

August 17, 2017

by — Posted in Kids Entertainment

When you are planning your child’s birthday party, you are thinking about the activities that can keep your child entertained.  But, have you thought about adults? They also need some activities to enjoy your child’s party. So, plan something for them too.

Try something unique

Do you know face painting from Brisbane can also make adults and kids happy? Hire a reputed service and add fun to the party.

Similarly, you can also hire a balloon artist for the party. Tattoos are another fun thing to include. These are not just loved by adults, but in the present times, kids also love to have tattoos. A kid and an adult can select a tattoo of their own choice. Adults will be fascinated to see such a thing in your party.

Things that a parent ought to know – A DJ must be chosen for your child’s birthday party. A birthday party without any music seems dull and very boring. Ask your DJ to play music of all sorts that are not only right for your kids, but also for your grown up adults and parents. If you are throwing your kid’s birthday party on any theme, you must ask your DJ to play music on that particular theme only. For instance, if the party’s theme is fairies, your DJ must play a song of a recent Cinderella movie or from ‘Frozen’, ‘Brave’ and so on.  Even, you can ask your DJ to host games for your child and her friends, like passing the parcel, playing musical chair and limbo. You must also tell your DJ to play music and songs that are suitable for adults too, so that they don’t become bore in your kid’s birthday party. If the music is great, elders can shake a leg with others in the party. 

Another great idea – What about Karaoke? Yes, you can make a karaoke area in the party especially for adults and kids. Kids of age 4 and above can be a part of it. Borrow more microphones from others, so that you and even your guests can enjoy the party fully. It doesn’t matter if you can sing properly or not. You can take a microphone and go on stage with your friends to sing a song. You can dedicate a song to your wife and daughter. Even, you can tell your friends to do the same for their wife and child. This unique idea will make people happier and joyous.