Top 4 Things That Make The 1st Year With Your Baby Easier

August 29, 2017

by — Posted in Baby Products

To most of us our children are our personal, tangible miracles. Their birth promotes us to parenthood, and evokes feelings within us that is never before been there. Seeing that they are a miracle, it goes without saying that they will not be easy to handle; especially in their very first year. Here are our top 4 things that make life with a small child much easier during that 1st year…

A proper place for your child to sleep safely in

The first few months of your baby’s life, you will constantly be thinking of their sleep. Their lack of sleep at night in articular; but also if they’ll accidently hurt themselves while they sleep. While it’s true that a baby bassinet is what most parents opt for (largely due to their convenient size), we believe that a cot that can be adjusted as your child grows is a much wiser choice. Cot bumpers (place securely into place) will help minimize the damage they to themselves wriggling around. But either way, having a specific “bed” for your baby alone can be very useful; regardless to how young they are.

A baby monitor

Most new parents find it hard to leave their infants unattended; even for a few moments. As a result, bathroom breaks and showers can only be done when there is someone else looking over the baby, and the household chores get severely ignored. There is also the fact that eventually, you will begin to feel chained to your child; not a very nice feeling. Get yourself one of these monitors; one that is portable. This gives you a little more freedom…almost like lengthening the chain between you!

A proper basket or seat for travelling

While it’s true that you wont be going for many holidays on your baby’s first year, it’s also true that you will eventually have to leave your home with your babyeven if it’s only to buy your groceries. This is where a baby car seat or a carrier sling comes in most useful. Personally, we prefer the body slings as it gives us more freedom with our hands. There’s also the fact that you’ll feel like your baby is safer attached to you that way…

Safety rails and corner guards

We know for a fact that most new parents don’t bother thinking of these until their baby is old enough to crawl. Unfortunately, that’s not too long to go, and before you know, your baby will be getting into trouble, and you’ll have a hard time keeping them safe. Instead of scrambling in the last moment, at least buy the safety rails/gates (for stairs, French windows or dangerous rooms), corner guards and wall socket protectors well ahead. You can use the time your baby takes to grow up to slowly install it around your home.